HHE Testing Schedule! :)
Tamara Smart


 Here's a glance at our upcoming testing schedules for Holly Harshman. As you can see, our 5th graders begin next week! WE have all worked so hard to prepare for this time, and are so very proud of the hard work everyone has put in!😊😊

5th Grade: April 11th: Reading 9:00-10:05 April 12th: Writing 8:30-9:15 & Science 9:45-10:45 April 13th: English 8:30-9:10 & Math 9:30-10:35

4th Grade: April 18th: Reading 9:00-10:05 April 19th: Writing 8:30-9:15 & Science 9:45-10:45 April 20th: English 8:30-9:10 & Math 9:30-10:35

3rd Grade: April 25th: Reading 9:00-10:05 April 26th: Writing 8:30-9:15 & Science 9:45-10:45 April 27th: English 8:30-9:10 & Math 9:30-10:35

WE will have days that students can make up any missed portions. However, we would be very appreciative if you could try to schedule ANY APPOINTMENTS (i.e. doctor, dentist) for afternoon times. 👍😊

Again, thanks for your cooperation and effort in making this a successful testing time. WE appreciate you!!

Tamara Smart

HHE Principal