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Mena High School
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Parent Survey. Parents please take a few minutes to complete this survey.

MHS Parent Involvement

  1. Family Kits

*copy of parental involvement plan

* role of parent, teacher, school

*Parents Make a Difference Seminars

* Calendar of events- MHS handbook which includes a calendar with scheduled activities and events. MHS website also posts daily announcements and a link to the school calendar.

*Parent Center Resource list- parent materials available to be checked out by parents.

*Parental Involvement Opportunities- a list of activities is available for the parent to volunteer and a resource book of the volunteers is given to each teacher.

*Tutoring Schedule

*System of Communication-

a. If a student has an F at 4 weeks, the teacher will contact the parent.

b. MHS website has a link to every teacher. Every teacher has a phone with voice mail.

c. Parents of 9th grade students receive a book to use throughout high school which has valuable information and tips to success.

d. CAP Conferences are held annually for student registration, scholarship, 4 year plan, vocational completer, smart core, and parental involvement information is disseminated.

e. The local radio and newspaper are also valuable resources for communication between school and parents.

f. daily announcements are emailed to parents.

g. Parents and students are able to check grades and attendance on website.

2.MHS has a parent advisory committee consisting of parents and parent involvement coordinator. The committee meets throughout the year to survey need, address concerns, and evaluate the parental involvement plan.

  1. Parents have many opportunities to participate and be involved through various extracurricular activities. Any parent wanting to volunteer in the classroom may call or email the parent involvement coordinator to be placed in the classroom(s).
  2. Two parent-teacher conferences are held annually (October & March). A thank you is published in the local newspaper.
  3. Parent center is located in the parent section of the counseling center. Materials are available for check out by parents.
  4. Parents make a difference seminars are advertised via students, phone messenger system, email, local radio, newspaper, and website information.  Seminars will include information on what students are learning, how assessed, what to expect in child’s education, how parents can assist in child’s success, and preparation for post-secondary opportunities.
  5. MHS statement to parents attesting the school’s commitment to parents attesting the school’s commitment to parental involvement in the family kit, online, and in seminars.
  6. MHS’s process for resolving parental concern is published in the book that every parent receives at CAP conferences.

This plan will be reviewed and updated annually.

Parents Make A Difference

Families are encouraged to participate in the following activities at Mena High School:


Open House- (August) parents will receive their child’s schedule, visit classrooms, meet teachers. Information and resources will be available to parents and students.

       Fair Booth- (September) Faculty, Staff, and Administration hosts booth at the county fair               Parents have an opportunity to ask questions and receive information.

State of the School Address (October)

Title I meeting (October)

Financial Aid Seminar (February) College Goal Sunday

CAPS- Career Action Planning Seminars ( March) Student and parent will come to a meeting with their faculty advisor to implement 4 year plan, request courses, receive scholarship, vocational completer, scholarship, school success, and honor information.

Bearcat Foundation meetings- 1st Tuesday every other month

Band Booster Club meetings- 2nd Tuesday of the Month

FFA Alumni meetings

Sporting Events

Homecoming Parade

Band Parent Pictures

All School Play

Book Fair

Parent Teacher Conferences

Choir/Band Concernts

Honor Society Induction Ceremonies

FFA Banquet

FFA Fair Competition

Band/Choir Competitions

Prom – Valet Parking by Dads of Juniors

Winter Dance-Senior Parents plan this event

Honors Assembly


Parent Involvement


Mena Public School is committed to the importance of parental involvement in our student’s education.

We firmly believe that every child receives the best education possible when parents and teachers work

together as a team.

This compact outlines how parents, faculty, and students will share the responsibility for student

achievement and success.

School Responsibilities

Mena Schools will provide high quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective

learning environment that enables children to meet the State’s student achievement standards.

Free tutoring for every subject is available to students who need extra help.

Parent teacher conferences will be held in spring and fall of each school year.

Parents will have frequent reports on their child’s progress by:

*access to their child’s grade via computer

* mid term reports

*parent teacher conferences

* email

* phone call‐ every teacher has a phone with voicemail in room

Faculty is available to parents at least one hour per day for conferences. Teachers are also available

before and after school, at open house, parent seminars, and parent teacher conferences. Email and

phone calls are encouraged as a means of communication between parent and teacher. The school

website also helps inform parents of upcoming events. An email containing the daily announcements is

emailed to parents daily.

Parent Responsibilities

Parents are encouraged to be actively involved in their child’s education.

Enhance your child’s education by:

*making homework a priority

*Provide positive support for good character

* ask to see your child’s report card every 9 weeks

* check your child’s grade via the parent viewer

* Come to parent teacher conferences

*attend events in which your child participates

* making sure your child comes to school on time everyday

*participate in decisions relating to your child’s education

Student Responsibilities

As a student at MHS, I am responsible for my education. I will:

 Complete homework assignments

 Turn the assignment in on time

 Come to school on time everyday

 Give my parents or guardian all notices and information received by me from my school


Mena School District, Parents, and Students are working together for children to have the best

possible education. If we all do our part in a school wide partnership, academic success will happen.

Parents can expect from MHS

Clearly defined assignments—teacher posts assignments on website.

Communication with parents- phone call, email, or conference will be held when student is in

danger of failing a class.

Free Tutoring- M-F 7:15-8:00 and 3:30-4:45

Well prepared lessons

Positive encouragement and fair discipline

Variety of opportunities for parental involvement

Zero tolerance of bullying

MHS Expectations of Parents

Make homework a top priority

Positive support when homework is completed

Contact teacher if child has problems with homework

Make certain child attends tutoring if necessary.

Parental Involvement

Attend Parent-Teacher Conferences

Resolving Parental Concerns

Meeting the needs of students is a team effort between teacher and parents. All parental

concerns are encouraged to be addressed with the child’s teacher. If needed, the building

counselor and/or principal should be advised in an effort to resolve concerned issues. In the

event that an agreeable solution is not obtained, the school superintendent should be informed.

Some issues may require school board attention, but should be addressed through the proper

listed channels above, so that all involved are informed of the concern and given ample time to

resolve the issue. In order to address the Mena School Board, one must contact the

superintendent and be added to the monthly agenda. Mena Public School is committed to

addressing parental concerns to better serve all students.


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