Blended Learning Help page

This page will provide online resources for both Blended Learning parents and students.  Listed below are the links for the common software and apps we use across the District.  Plus, each School has its own page that will have links for helpful resources for the software and apps that are used in that building.

Technical Assistance for Blended Parents

Mena Public Schools will be offering assistance to parents of blended Kindergarten through 8th grade students, in the afternoon or evenings, beginning the week of September 21st. They will take place on the Holly Harshman campus and virtually. If you would like to take advantage of this resource, please Click Here To Sign Up.

MMS Tutoring for Blended & Traditional Students -  Click Here for Details!

MHS Tutoring for Blended & Traditional Students -  Click Here for Details!

District-wide help links for web sites, software and apps.

Edmentum Getting Started (Exact Path, Courseware, Study Island and Reading Eggs) Edmentum Family Resources (Parent's Help Guide and other Resources) Getting Started with Classroom for students
Home Access Center (HAC) - Check Your Student's Grades
Gmail Tutorial for Students and Parents
Tyler Tarver Links for Google Assistance - Broken Down into Mini Lessons
Tips, Tricks & Suggestions for Blended Learning
The Perfect Email Lesson - Mrs Patricia Jackson
Remote Learning Cheat Sheet for Parents - Via TraverAcademy.com

** NOTE:  If you need an access code and/or password to log in to Home Access Center (HAC), please call your child(ren)'s respective School.

Louise Durham & Blended for Grades K-2 - 479-394-2943 Holly Harshman & Blended for Grades 3-5 - 479-394-3151
Middle School & Blended for Grades 6-8 - 479-394-2573 High School & Blended for Grades 9-12 - 479-394-1144
PCVA for Grades K-12 - 479-394-1144            

Building Related Blended Learning Help Pages

LDE Blended Learning Help Page                                                          HHE Blended Learning Help Page

MMS Blended Learning Help Page                                                         MHS Blended Learning Help Page